Trimmerman Jeff Olstad

Merritt BC   Canada
Member since May 29, 2009


I am a land locked Rocker in a country desert. I haven't jammed with a live person in years. I prefer to play Bass guitar but I have been known to play guitar, keyboard, Baritone and Alto Saxophone, and a little Clarinet. I can't play harmonica or Drums to save my life. I have an ancient Korg Rhythm 55 drum machine that I still use. I love it because it has nothing but buttons. I don't have to know how a drummer does what they do. I have started using the sequencer on my keyboard more lately. I can turn off everything but drums and the Bass and play guitar with it. It's pretty well a full jam but I can't change chords very easily and I haven't figured out how to do it with my toes. Also, that means I am playing guitar most of the time. I didn't even consider myself a guitar player for many years but now I have practiced so much that I do, now consider myself a player. I like to sing. I am a singing Bass player. I learn songs easily. I used to say I could learn 30 songs in a weekend if I had to. My voice is suited to Seger, Springsteen. It's not high. and sounds best with a whiskey growl. I believe I could sing ten songs in a night but I can't sing lead. My voicebox wouldn't tolerate it. I write songs. I don't think they are similar to anyone else's. The music is, on the other hand almost all 12 bar. I could use some help breaking out of that. I have learned everything I know about sound engineering by myself so it is not to any pattern. I like to experiment hooking up the equipment with different configurations. There is so much gear now days almost every rig is unique. I work a soul crushing day job. I have a pleasant, finished room where my gear is set up and ready.