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Longmont CO   United States of America
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mission i'm here to fool around, create some music to use on my website, and generally share music with a few thousand of my closest friends. i like mixing and matching my tech to figure out new ways to make and share sounds, and the sounds that i can duplicate on my acoustic guitar i enjoy duplicating on a street corner from time to time.equipmentan old pawn shop strat knock off a fairly nice gibson flat-top and an old gibson semi-hollow electrican old pawn shop bass (Peavey Foundation) that plays ok but has a buzz i haven't fixed yethohner big river harps in the keys of C, D, and Aa Mesa Boogie Subway Blues tube ampthe fiance's spare keyboard (that i can't play, but i get a kick out of playing with 2 Shure PG48 Dynamic mics1 Shure KSM32 Condenser micMacbook w/ various mixers, drum machines, & ProTools MBoxa Boss BR-864 digital recorder with a pretty fun beat boxYamaha NS-10M Studio monitors1 dbx mic processora few other fun toys & noise makers my stylestraight ahead rock/popa little blue-grass old school countryi want to learnNew Orleans Funk and Jazz, Disco, Jamtronica (not sure if that's really a style), Electronicaclassic R&Bi think that gives me enough to chew on for the moment, but if you have suggestions for ANY style of music, i'm all ears. i'm starting to appreciate the open-source philosophy more and more...i think it goes right along with the spirit of rock 'n roll.