Francois_Payen Francois Payen

Montréal Québec   Canada
Member since February 8, 2012


Instruments / experience:

Bass guitar / 16 years

Double bass / 2 years

Guitar / 7 years

Preferred styles

Jazz standards, funk, blues, motown, alternative/indie rock

What I'm looking for:

I'm not currently in a band and I want to keep musically active.  I'd like to meet other musicians online and record tunes for fun -covers or originals (either jazz standards or funk/rock stuff).  I'd be particularly interested in collaborating with drummers and horn players.  My main instrument is bass, but I can also do some rhythm work on guitar.

My gear:

Acoustic double bass w/ piezo transducer

G&L 5-string electric bass

Squier Custom Telecaster

Mac computer + GarageBand

Amps, stomp boxes and other gizmos



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