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Diverse Melodic Heavy Metal Singer/Screamer from Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

I sing in a band called CELLBOUND. We will be releasing our second CD in 2012. Metal is my heart, but I also dig other genres of music. I am looking to colab on well produced and interesting projects.

Please contact me if you have something cool to check out!



CELLBOUND BIO: Somewhere between Pantera, Lacuna Coil and The Nightmare before Xmas lives a band called Cellbound. A creature that toils in the dark and the light, stirring an old school vibe into a current concoction of metal that is familiar, yet ignites the senses with no hint of imitation. 

The brutal power and honest melody of Cellbound’s style is woven by the unique blending of singers, Chris E. and Tom Herttna. Chris & Tom fight, harmonize, growl, scream and softly subdue all at once. While the uniformed precision and crunching guitar work of Shaun Vanek and Dave Borowske stir up the demons inside with their aggressive pulse and spiraling lead guitars. They compliment the vocals with an assortment of brutal riffs and hypnotic melodies without falling into typical metalcore patterns. Pounding and building, the drums of Todd Alley bash with rhythmic diligence and dynamics while the riding bass of Gregg Baise is a heavy and solid heartbeat.One of the most diverse bands of the Cleveland Metal Scene, Cellbound performs with a dedication to each note and to every fan in a nonstop energetic show of exciting visuals and undeniable sounds. A true connection forms between the band, music and fans, leaving you wanting more. 


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