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 "I bow to my collaborators who span countries and continents.  Together we are a mountain changing the world one song at a time" ...Casia



 KEY PROJECTS IN PROGRESS:   "Wounded Healer" Mini Musical



2010 – A NOT Ordinary Christmas (Holiday) - All lyrics and Executive Producer 

2011 – Trevor & Roger’s 13 Stygian Tales (Epic Rock) - lyrics and promotion   

2011 – idream:  The Color of Love (Jazz) - All lyrics and Executive Producer  


Porcelain Doll - All lyrics and Executive Producer (vocalist Christina Britton of Scotland) - alternative

Continents Apart - All lyrics and Executive Producer (vocalist - Yolande Strauss - award winning South African vocalist) - pop

Oh Charlie - All lyrics and Executive Producer (vocalist Christina Britton of Scotland) - jazz and showtunes

Tin Man - All lyrics (vocalist Ray Sharp of Canada) - rock

Carousel - All lyrics (vocalist Benny Moore of USA) - pop rock


2009/2010/2011 Contributor to Kompozite Album (Wired Magazine)

2010 - A.D. Defiance - Album to support Cancer Charities

Song No. 1 and Song No. 2 for musicians collaboration internet rock compilation

"The Best of Indie Pop" netlabel compilation - song selected from 200 bands

 INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCES2013 - "I'm On Fire" Rzeszow Carpathia Festival IX International Song Festival - June 7-8, 2013 (Rzeszow, Poland)- Tentative                                                                     2012 – “Color of Love” showcased at Universong, European Music Festivals. Televised on wafaTV (internet TV) – July 2012 (Canary Islands, Spain)2011 – “I’m Alive” showcased at The Golden Melody Song Festival – February 2011 (Lanarca, Cyprus)2009 – 3rd place at Martisor Musical Festival “Stay With Me Tonight” – March 2009 (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)2008 – 2nd place “Stay With Me Tonight” at Music Festival Discovery – August 2008 (Varna, Bulgaria)2008 – National TV Coverage (Televiziunea Romana) “Won’t you Be Mine” at the International Golden Stag Festival– August 2008 (Brasnov, Romania).  


Oh, Chiron (mini-musical)

Dream Boy (full-length musical)


Radoslav Lorkovic

Charlotte Cornfield

Jesse Stewart

Ana Miura 


Blogtalk Radio - Indie On Air

Blogtalk Radio - Cubanarama - album "idream The Color of Love"

Blogtalk Radio - Cubanarama - album "A Not Ordinary Christmas" 


Scrub Radio, U.K. 07/02/2012        Trevor & Roger's 13 Stygian Tales - entire album

 KNRY (1240 AM in Monteray, California)03/30/11           Unicorn

Studio100 (100.0 FM in Taranto, Italy)02/07/11          Intoxicated02/07/11          Suck It UP02/07/11          Unicorn02/07/11          Falling ApartCKCUradio (93.1 FM in Ontario, Canada)12/27/10          Unicorn12/27/10          Suck It UP12/27/10          Love Me Til Dawn12/27/10          Falling ApartKRBS-LP (107.1 FM in Oroville, California, USA)11/23/10         Suck It Up11/23/10         Falling ApartCKHA (100.9 FM in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada)09/25/10           Suck It UP09/25/10           Unicorn09/25/10           Falling Apart09/16/10           Falling ApartWestlikerick102                                                                                            11/14/10          Love Me Til Dawn11/14/10          Unicorn11/14/10          Suck It Up11/14/10          Falling Apart


Song "Destiny's Fire" No. 2 on Kickradio and a four-page write-up in their i-magazine.  Voted No. 7 in their worldwide charts in 2009.

Song "Bottleneck Jones" charted No. 1 on German Blues chart for three months

Song "Dark Demons" charted No. 1 on Ourstage

Several songs charting No. 1 on Soundclick

Video interviewer and social media volunteer at the 2009 Ottawa Folk Festival, interviewing indie artists

Helping set-up an internet radio station out of Atlanta - "Radio Casbah - The Fevered Brain Network" 


Song of the Year 2007

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