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I slowly realized that my niche was actually in melody creation - specifically in cinematic scoring. Through much failure, wall-punching, revision and time I understood that the unique gift I have is in bringing images to life...and it's been my joy to do that for the last several years while collaborating with some of my favorite people on earth.I love hearing from people and I'll always work to help you out if you give me enough information to do so! If you're without a budget and working under the name of Jesus, I'll try my hardest to give you the music freely - primarily because God has freely given me forgiveness from sin and acceptance as a son. He made Jesus, who was without sin, to be sin for all of us...so that in him we could become the righteousness of God.

*My music may not be used in any projects propagating injustice, pornography or the degradation of the name or work of Jesus Christ.

*Third parties must obtain proper licenses prior to any usage of the musical works contained herein which are considered to be protected musical works. Email me to request a license.

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White House Adult Alternative

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What I Do Hip-Hop

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