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If you are genuine please don't just send me the generic invite. Send me a message, introduce yourself and tell me a bit about your project and what you envisage. This will help you get the most benifit out of what I have to offer and hopefully it will suit your needs.

Kompoz relationships do not always work out, but there is no need to be rude or ignorant...all you need to say is Sorry, its not really what I'm looking for :)

Don't ruin the Kompoz experience for yourself, or me!


Now for a bit about me and how I came to be here.

My mothers love in listening to music was something I gladly took in from a very young age. Our Saturday ritual was to listen to her LP collection which was full of artists such as; Suzie Quatro, Pink Floyed, Jimi Hendrix, ELO, Bob Marley etc

Over the years I have developed a love for varied genres and although music has been very much a part of me, it has never really gone much past me being a listener/critic.

As fate would have it, I now share my life with a wonderful man who has a huge passion for music like me, but he took it further. He worked in the music industry in his younger years and often writes and records music here at home. He has been a member of Kompoz for some time now and he has been encouraging me to try and find a place in here for me too...other than his button presser at recording time hehe

With that being said I am still trying to find 'my thing' and going to try my hand at some lyric writing.

This is all still new to please handle with care ;)

Peace out & Rock on!


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