NathanB Nathan Brown

St. Louis Missouri   United States of America
Member since June 28, 2013


Fan of all music. 

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Faster Than Smoke Chicago Blues

NathanB, kenzoK, bluehorn, rabox2702, Cibrshrink
Bass-Electric Drums-Acoustic Drums-Electric


Waxing & Waning IDM/Experimental

NathanB, Tylure_D, Invisiblekingstudio
Bass-Electric Drums-Acoustic Drums-Electric


Describe red Chicago Blues

NathanB, Tylure_D, simon_lau, andthebox, Harpline, AliceLeonz
Bass-Electric Brass-Trumpet Drums-Acoustic more


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Run But You Can't Hide Contemporary R&B

CDouble34Music, NathanB
Bass-Electric Guitar-Lead Guitar-Rhythm more


Trails Adult Alternative

Umbra, Tylure_D


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NathanB accepted the mix Cibrshrink uploaded to the collaboration Faster Than Smoke
1 month 23 days ago
NathanB added a comment to the Engineering-Mixing Bounce in the collaboration Faster Than Smoke
3 months ago