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I began playing flute in grade school 100 years ago. It wasn't easy being the only boy playing flute then.  I became interested in jazz in high school so I learned sax and played in the high school jazz band.  After High school I played full time in a rock band for four years, some original, mostly cover.  Suddenly I found out I had to get a real job. Took a few years off (a lot of years), enlisted in the Navy, med school, great marriage and kids.  Landed myself and family in NW Wisconsin where I rediscovered music, and found out that jazz musicians are an endangered species here. So, I ended up playing with midi background tracks.  I found Kompoz and it's been a Godsend.  



Alto Sax- Yamaha 62II with Beechler Bellite 7 and Fibracell

Alto Sax - Beuscher True Tone Silver 1931 Dukoff D7 

Tenor Sax - French Vito (1961)  Beechler Bellite 9 and Fibracell

Soprano Sax  -  Yamaha 475 Runyon Quntum

Bari Sax  - Conn 12m 

Flute - OLD Gemeinhardt

Wind Controller - Yamaha WX5 with VL70M and soft synths

Record with MXL 4000, Studio V3 tube preamp, Lexicon Lambda DAW and use Sonar.


Heroes: Pat Metheney, Nelson Rangell, Michael Brecker, David (of coarse) Sanborn, Eric Merienthal and all the past masters.

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