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Svelvik Vestfold   Norway
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My name is Jörgen and I've been playing drums for about 20 years, 12-15 of them touring here in Norway. I love rock and metal music and like to play my drums hard and heavy but always to the song, I don't like flashy drumming for the sake of doing it... I don't tour regularly any more but plays and gigs with friends from time to time. Most of my spare time I work with Logic, learning to be a mix engineer and producer. My setup for live drumming is: Premier Genista(custom made) silver sparkle:- Kick  24 x 32"- Snare 14 x 7" or 14 x 9"- Rack Tom 14 x 14"- Floor Tom1 16 x 16"- Floor Tom2 18 x 16"- Drumworkshop dw9000 dual pedal- Ahead Aluminum drumsticks 5A - Assorted cymbals(whatever can withstand the beating...) Please feel free to contact me if you need some heavy drums on your project or if you would like a fresh perspective on your idea. J. 

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