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New York New York   United States of America
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Long story (waaay too long), and not very interesting. Born in Eastern Europe (Belarus), moved a lot, lived in Moscow, Cincinnati, Cleveland, worked in a different areas (all sorts of design: industrial, graphic, web), ended up in New York.

Always played, at times professionally (for money, that is), often for free. More often for free, than one would have liked.

Melodies come to me during practice, uninvited and annoyingly demanding. Had to do something with them, naturally... started to look around, ended up at macjams.com, icompositions.com, soundcloud.com, etc. Finally came across this site.

Setup: Yamaha YTS82 "CustomZ" tenor sax, Otto Link Super Tone Master 10* (0.135") mouthpiece, Vandoren Traditional #3.5 / Legere #2 - 2.25 plastic reeds; AKAI EWI 4000S with Patchman soundbank, BOSS VE-20 vocal processor, Shure SM58 mic; KORG Kaossilator, a handful of music apps for iPhone/iPad, 27" iMac, and some miscellaneous stuff to bang on.

My newest additions are BOSS RC-30 looper (which I am totally infatuated with), DigiTech iStomp box (love the concept of downloadable effects), and custom made Aaron Drake "Stubbie" mouthpiece with 0.130" tip opening. 


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Guitar-Acoustic Keyboards-Synth Woodwind-Flute


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iGSTUDiO, RonnieB, gbm, Jbass89, patjazz
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iGSTUDiO, TommyDrums
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Solitary Confinement Trad Jazz

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iGSTUDiO, patjazz, Bottom_End, RB


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Puoi telefonarmi Orchestral

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Parapagal, patjazz, MauroCBass, TommyDrums, iGSTUDiO
Bass-Upright Drums-Acoustic Keyboards-Accordian more


Il pianeta dei sentimenti Crossover Jazz

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Parapagal, Dual-Life, MauroCBass, TommyDrums, iGSTUDiO
Bass-Upright Drums-Acoustic Saxophone-Tenor


Jazz up tempo Trad Jazz

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momare, Jbass89, iGSTUDiO
Bass-Upright Saxophone-Alto Saxophone-Soprano more


Hypnotized 2012 Remix Techno

8 Files, 2 years ago
Richie, joel_sattlersongs, iGSTUDiO, simplechain
Brass-Trumpet Saxophone-Alto Saxophone-Tenor


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