momare Matt MacKinnon

Ottawa Ontario   Canada
Member since January 18, 2012


Some videos of me up in the video section.



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Samba Nuevo Adult Alternative

momare, NicolaOffidani
Bass-Electric Bass-Upright Brass-Trombone more


jazz laid back Trad Jazz

momare, davidw, sergbeato
Brass-Trombone Brass-Trumpet Brass-Tuba more


jazz two point oh Trad Jazz

Bass-Upright Brass-Trombone Brass-Trumpet more


DigeriYou IDM/Experimental

momare, bagpipe, existentialblu, Wire-and-Wood
Brass-Trombone Brass-Trumpet Brass-Tuba more


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Open Up Roots Reggae

whenthemusicsover, momare, Phoephus, sloppy, ChuckMac, FoxieFoxtrot
Bass-Electric Brass-Trumpet Drums-Acoustic more


Let U Down (Featuring Lindsay) American Trad Rock

HappyFeet, Mudflappus, momare, LindsayAO
Drums-Acoustic Guitar-Lead Songwriting-Arrangement