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Caracas Miranda   Venezuela
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I live in Venezuela and i´m looking specially for vocals/songs writers who wants to make a biggest record, share ideas and produce serious songs.i´m available for any  collaboration also.My influences: Rock psychedelic, Hard Rock, electro. Somany but i can say... Stone temple pilos, Pink Floyd, TheKills, Secret Machines, Led Zeppeling, Prodigy, MassiveAttack, Portishead, Lenny Kravitz, Yes, Peter Gabriel, Thedoors, Ramones, The Cure, Nine inch nails andothers                                  Actual Equipment: Gibson SG, Fender Jaguar,Gibson SG bass, Jazz Chorus amp, Marshall JMP1 pre-amp,electro harmonix Wha pedal, Jim dunlop Wha pedal, MXR Analogdelay, MXR Phase 100, Alesis MIdiverb, Midi controller AkaiAPC40, Live 8.1.1, Steinberg Nuendo, Pro Tools LE, GuitarRig, Battery sampler sofware and others

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