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Plymouth Devon   United Kingdom
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I am a music technology teacher and also help manage a teaching facility called Deep Blue Sound in Devon UK.  I enjoy teaching creative uses of music tech stuff and work with Logic, Tools, and have used quite a lot of analogue stuff inc desks mag tape etc.  Musically I am drawn towards folk and psychadelica a bit, I like electronic dance music but also the old greats like Hillage and Oldfield and Gong and  stuff....  I am a keyboard player and also play piano accordion as well as recorders and penny whistle.  My wife plays excellent Galway style silver flute and I have done a bit of recording with her too (She's an orchestral dot reader but also a great improviser).  Was in a psychadelic rock band called Earcandy which put out some Vynil in the early 90s, have also been in a world music band and a couple of folk bands and currently play sometimes in a band with Violin, Cello and Flute called Quattro Vita (quattrovita.co.uk) which is really set up as a wedding band.  Feel free to get in touch.

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