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Omaha NE   United States of America
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I believe if I were charged with having a goal, it would be to live without fretting---to live more fully in the moment, not always huffing about as I've done in recent live humbly--and appreciatively---with whatever God furnishes.

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Nice work from mandosummers! Made my day.
Great guitar work by Sean here, thanks man !
Wayne added some wonderful piano and lead guitar on this !
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Shadows and Dreams IDM/Experimental

2 Files, 8mo+2dy ago
onemomentspeace, ImpCaes
Guitar-Lead Guitar-Pedal/Lap Steel Guitar-Rhythm more


Fortress American Trad Rock

27 Files, 12mo+2dy ago
onemomentspeace, NicolaOffidani, n_ninel, Oxytocinade
Bass-Electric Drums-Acoustic Guitar-Lead more


Cylon Adult Alternative

3 Files, 1yr+3mo ago
onemomentspeace, FrancoGinetti
Guitar-Lead Guitar-Rhythm Keyboards-Synth


Hiros Adult Alternative

18 Files, 1yr+3mo ago
onemomentspeace, Embers, linomuoio


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Allright To Be Me Americana

23 Files, 3 days ago
BrianW, onemomentspeace, timkat, smokinsteel, Jbass89
Engineering-Mastering Guitar-Lead


hypercrisy Fusion

16 Files, 8mo+26dy ago
leinadsorihcak, onemomentspeace, maf


Im Still Wrong - Rod Chandler Traditional Country

14 Files, 8mo+16dy ago
MerleEarle, onemomentspeace, RodChandler, RobGlass
Guitar-Lead Guitar-Pedal/Lap Steel Keyboards-Piano more


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