onemomentspeace Bill R

Omaha NE   United States of America
Member since June 30, 2007


...and wine that makes glad the heart of man :)

Psalm 104:15

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Shadows and Dreams IDM/Experimental

onemomentspeace, ImpCaes
Guitar-Lead Guitar-Pedal/Lap Steel Guitar-Rhythm more


Fortress American Trad Rock

onemomentspeace, NicolaOffidani, n_ninel, Oxytocinade
Bass-Electric Drums-Acoustic Guitar-Lead more


Cylon Adult Alternative

onemomentspeace, FrancoGinetti
Guitar-Lead Guitar-Rhythm Keyboards-Synth


Hiros Adult Alternative

onemomentspeace, Embers, linomuoio


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9 28 2013 Adult Alternative

CidEllis, onemomentspeace


280th Dub

NicolaOffidani, onemomentspeace
Bass-Electric Drums-Acoustic Drums-Electric more


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