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Here's my equipment updated to July 2012, certainly not for my glory but for you komposers who might be interested to know how I produce music :)

GUITARS- 1983 Squier JV Series Stratocaster Mod. 57 (modified with Seymour Duncan HB pickup and Kahler Pro Standard tremolo system)- 1997 PRS Guitars Mod. CE24- 2003 Yamaha Silent Guitar SLG110s- 2010 Ibanez Custom Artcore AF105HH- 2011 Fender Telecaster Standard MN. 2013 Epiphone Les Paul Standard Gold.

RIG- Line6 PODxt Pro (Amp modeler and FX)- Line6 Filter Pro (Filter modeler)- Lexicon MPX550 (MultiFX)- Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro+ (Loop Device)

VIRTUAL RIG- Line6 GutarPort with GearBox

PEDAL BOARDS AND STOMPS- Behringer FCB1010- Gibson EDP+ footswitch- Roland EV5 volume pedal- Dunlop CryBaby- Boss analog chorus CE3

AMPLIFIER- Fender Hot Rod De Luxe

MIC- Shure SM58 (cardioid)- Samson C1 (condenser)

KEYBOARD- Yamaha CSX2 (mainly for MIDI controlling and acquisition)- Roland Piano HP305sb

MOBILE APPSVarious on iPhone: JamUp, Turnado, EchoPad, LiveFX AmpliTube, iKaossilator, DM1, SampleWiz, etc.

DAW, AND EDITING SOFTWAREOn Windows- Ableton Live- Reaper- Sony SoundForge

On Mac- Ableton Live- Garage Band

VIRTUAL FX AND INSTRUMENTS- VST- DXi(I'm not much a collector of these things, I only use those few that I really nead for my work)


PA- Harman Kardon amplifier

Near field speakers- Samson Resolv 65

Power speakers- B&W V100


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