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SoundBlend Logo and Sneak Peek

By Raf Fiol   3 days ago

Thank you for the all the feedback on the logo.  We agree with you -- option 'A' is the clear winner.  If you hadn't noticed already, the logo is actually a side view of a pair of headphones.  It's highly stylized, so that the headphones...

New Collaboration Dashboard Page

By Raf Fiol   6 days ago

We just rolled out an update to the Dashboard page of each collaboration.  The updates are primarily cosmetic, although there are several new data elements that have been added.  We think this new layout will provide better insight into what'...

SoundBlend: A Music Store Created by You

By Raf Fiol   7 days ago

The Kompoz music store we announced recently has a name and a home on the Intrawebs!  We're calling it SoundBlend.  We really like the name, because it speaks directly to the nature of the song creation process -- artists blending their talen...

Play Counter Way Off (An Apology and a New Feature Announcement)

By Raf Fiol   7 days ago

The play counter on Kompoz is broken.  It has been broken since January 20th of this year.  I apologize for not catching this sooner (I just discovered it last night).  I am pretty embarrassed about it.  The good news is that a fix ...

ICE on The Beach Contest Winners Announced

By Steven Gardner   18 days ago

The winners for the ICE On The Beach contest have been selected.  Congratulations to everyone who participated.  Below is from the contest sponsors, Thomas Flake, founder of 757 Events, and Ray White with Classic Artists Today ("The CAT"...

You Made Music Together. Now Sell it Together.

By Raf Fiol   25 days ago

We've been working hard to make Kompoz an amazing music collaboration platform.  And you've been working hard to produce amazing music.  We believe that crowdsourced music deserves a new kind of music store; one that embraces global collabora...

What's Kompoz, and Why Do Musicians Need It?

By Steven Gardner   1mo+8dy ago

An interesting question posed by music blog -- FDRMX (First Dedicated Real Music Exchange) -- in an article posted by Alison Owens on July 9, 2014. I sought out Alison Owens and we spoke over the phone late last week. I feel she laid out per...

World Cup Final Determines Kompoz Prizes

By Steven Gardner   1mo+12dy ago

The Brian Culbertson contest is over, and the winning three songs have been selected.  Eleven Kompoz members are eligible for awesome prizes from Kompoz, Roland, BOSS, Mogami Cables, IK Multimedia, SONY Creative, and Lewitt Audio.  The p...

New Feature: Explore Artists Page

By Raf Fiol   1mo+13dy ago

We snuck in a new feature this week.  Did you see it?  The new page allows you to explore and discover Kompoz artists, using a similar layout and similar functionality to the Collaboration explorer page.  The new page can be found by cli...

Kompoz Podcast 20: Women Who Rock!

By Steven Gardner   1mo+16dy ago

Welcome to Kompoz Podcast #20, Women Who Rawk!  This podcast features some tremendous talent -- highlighting a few of our female Kompozers. Seven women (and a dude with a very deep voice) have shared their inspiration for the songs you'll hear du...