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Creating Spin-Off Collaborations: New Feature

By Raf Fiol   28 days ago

Today we added a new Spin-off feature, which makes it easy to create new collaborations that are based on existing collaborations.  When you use the spin-off button, the system will copy the entire structure of the collaboration, including th...

Showcase Tracks On Your Profile

By Raf Fiol   1 month 6 days ago

Now you can "pin" select tracks to your Kompoz profile.  This is a great way to highlight your best work or your favorite projects -- front and center.  You can pin any track, and any version of any track.   To do so, simply go to the t...

Batch Upload, Improved Search, Profile Summary Page

By Raf Fiol   1 month 7 days ago

We're happy to announce the following list of updates, which were released over this past weekend. Batch Upload Improved Search New Profile Summary Page Bulk Accept and Bulk Archive Sorting Lists Batch Upload The most exciting (and most requ...

Email Notifications for Private Messages Now Live

By Raf Fiol   1 month 15 days ago

Email notifications for Private Messages should now be functional.  Sorry this one took a while to roll out.  With the new chat-like conversational private messaging system, we wanted to add a little more intelligence into the email process. ...

Invite Kompoz Artists - Part 2

By Raf Fiol   1 month 18 days ago

The new Invitation system is now officially live.  I've put together a quick video tour to help you get acquainted.  

Invite Kompoz Artists - Part 1

By Raf Fiol   1 month 20 days ago

Later this week you will see a new tab on your My Workspace page, titled Invitations.  From here, you'll be able to manage and track both invitations you have received from other artists, and invitations you have sent to other artists.  Invit...

Downloading Audio Files from Kompoz

By Raf Fiol   1 month 24 days ago

We just updated "How To Download" tutorial, adding the latest Dropbox and Google Drive options. This video shows how to use setup and use Kompoz Konnect, plus how to connect to Dropbox and Google Drive.

Updates and Enhancements 2.0.8

By Raf Fiol   2 months 9 days ago

New updates today include several great usability improvements requested by our artists via our User Voice system.  It is a long list of improvements, which I have grouped below into three broad categories: 1) Collaboration Updates, 2) My Workspac...

Updates and Enhancements 2.0.7

By Raf Fiol   2 months 15 days ago

We just released another set of enhancements.  In addition to Dropbox, you now have the option to download files directly to your Google Drive.  This additional download option is super fast and convenient, especially if you're using the PC o...

Updates and Enhancements 2.0.6

By Raf Fiol   2 months 17 days ago

More updates today.  The biggest change is the addition of notifications for community posts.  Here's how it works.  You will receive a notification for any community post that you follow.  By default, if you create a community pos...

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