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Collaborations that need Guitar

Silence Is Seldom Broken (Lyrics by PVD)

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
23 Files, 13 hours ago
stoman stoman, pvd111, JohnK1001 + 2 more

T-Jetty ver 20

Chicago Blues
1 File, 7yr+9mo ago
Guitarz1970 Guitarz1970

LOVE IS THE LAST INSTINCT song lyrics by Joel Sattler

New Acoustic
1 File, 23 days ago
joel_sattlersongs joel_sattlersongs

Empty with Hope

Adult Contemporary
22 Files, 15 days ago
drumdawg drumdawg, Lift, gibblets + 1 more

Girl with no name

13 Files, 2 days ago
crazymadhouse crazymadhouse, Mack, liljoe6string

Yuletide Cheer

Christmas: Classic
6 Files, 17 hours ago
Lyricman Lyricman

Collaborations that need Bass

Spazz Jazz

Avant-Garde Jazz
2 Files, 13 days ago
Gaph Gaph

I Love NJ

20 Files, 4 days ago
danieye danieye


1 File, 11 days ago
Rolf Rolf


Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
3 Files, 5 days ago
cleanjazz cleanjazz

Cobarde theme song

Classic Rock
5 Files, 2 months ago
escontrela escontrela, diegofd

Collaborations that need Drums

GET ON THE TRAIN song lyrics by Joel Sattler

1 File, 3 days ago
joel_sattlersongs joel_sattlersongs

I Love NJ

20 Files, 4 days ago
danieye danieye


4 Files, 13 hours ago
AlansAuditoryDynamatron AlansAuditoryDynamatron


Prog-Rock/Art Rock
2 Files, 2mo+24dy ago
RottGold RottGold

Collaborations that need Keyboards

Hold Me Tight (Through the Night)

Soft Rock
6 Files, 4 days ago
webseattle webseattle, JoshRevell, EdsonCastro + 1 more

Broken Wings (Shadows)

Adult Contemporary
9 Files, 18 days ago
LyricsAbound LyricsAbound, JohnK1001

A Ticket to Yesterday

Indie Rock
11 Files, 1 day ago
Lawman Lawman, hollieolson, xvpusw

Mad Lootz

Jam Bands
3 Files, 1mo+23dy ago
Girard Girard

Pray for the Days

1 File, 3 days ago
TooNaked2Nick8 TooNaked2Nick8


12 Files, 2 hours ago
roberthhoffman roberthhoffman, gabrojazz, LeRoc + 1 more