Rough Waves Contemporary Latin

Started by Gato, licensed as Creative Commons Attribution

Mixdown with Guitar Uploaded 6yr+12mo ago by raf

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raf   commented 6yr+12mo ago

Hi Victor, I added a guitar track to your great tune. This is rough mix to see if you like the concept. I was going for a Carlos Santana sound (as if). I can add, remove, or tweak as necessary. Hope you like it. Raf


candc   commented 6yr+12mo ago

Sounds good Raf! I think it works very well.

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raf   commented 6yr+12mo ago

Thanks Stuart. I gave it the iPod test today. I spotted some pieces I want to change, but I'll wait to hear from Victor to see if the direction is appropriate.

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dogbizkits   commented 6yr+12mo ago

This is cool. I think you've managed the Carlos Santana sound not too badly there, Raf :) I agree with Stuart... it works very well !! Nice're recording the guitar much better too :) That's another one to add to the watch list.


ekeynox   commented 6yr+12mo ago

Wow Raf, you are good !