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Hot Coffee Funk

Started by Ilkka, licensed as Creative Commons Attribution

Talent Needed
Brass-Trumpet Brass-Tuba Drums-Acoustic Guitar-Lead Keyboards-Organ Keyboards-Piano Keyboards-Synth Other-Sound Effects Percussion Percussion-Tabla Saxophone-Alto Saxophone-Baritone Saxophone-Bass Saxophone-Soprano Saxophone-Tenor Songwriting-Lyrics Vocals Vocals-Rap Woodwind-Clarinet

Creative Brief
Genre Funk Key D major BPM 135.0 Chilli Funk Hot Peppers Primus Red fusion rock tapping

Ouch! My fingers are on fire! Kollaborate, kompoz and make this track even hotter.

Story so far:
ViDanci - Guitar
mattrelstab - Bass
Petri - Saxophone
Update 3/11/2008: This song sounds way too cool for me. Time to put some effort and funk/soul flavors to it!

To do list:
1.Lyrics and lead male vocals:
Goal:My idea is that this song is about a very beautiful and hyperactive girl who makes men crazy. At the moment we got a very cool idea track, which still needs some work.
2. Sweet and sexy horn section.(On progress)
3. Good drum track(s).(Done, but needs some editing)
4. Mixing
5. Mastering
Big thanks to all who have put effort to this song and ofc the whole community! This is the best band i've ever played with :D

Collaboration started February 19, 2008 by Ilkka
Last upload 5yr+7mo ago

This collaboration is governed by a Creative Commons Attribution license. Any contributions to the project are subject to the same.
Effective on Feb 19, 2008

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