Easy Escape Classic Rock

Started by raf, licensed as Creative Commons Attribution


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Easy Escape Uploaded 5yr+9mo ago by Gorian

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Gorian   commented 5yr+9mo ago

...I just loved the groove and had to try my hand at it!.Perhaps some kool organ to go with the whole track?.Hope ya like it!

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raf   commented 5yr+9mo ago

Gorian Roth -- yes, I read your MySpace page ;) -- this is awesome! The lyrics are really good ("...chained to the facts..."). I need to move my guitar parts around to fit the vocals better. I'll see if I can work up something over the holiday break. This is cool! Thanks for contributing to the project. I feel fortunate that three super-talented vocalists have contributed to this tune.


JohnnyRico   commented 5yr+9mo ago

Great vocals !

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Wire-and-Wood   commented 5yr+9mo ago

I agree... sounding very good and I heard one of your others yesterday, great stuff


Reezm   commented 5yr+9mo ago

great my friend !