Gimme Fonky Adult Alternative

Started by voodoobassist, licensed as Creative Commons Attribution

Gimme fonky, no drums Uploaded 5 years ago by voodoobassist

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voodoobassist   commented 5 years ago

no drums, no click, tempo is around 80bpm, but it floats,..sorry about that


JohnnyRico   commented 5 years ago

Hi, fresh song, maybe too much guitar on it, did you play it ?


voodoobassist   commented 5 years ago

Hi Johnny,, thats Acoustic on guitar and fonky vocal, me on multiple bass lines, posted it so Mark Miller could take a stab at drums, ya been buddy?


bjorn   commented 5 years ago

Be-a-utiful bass, Ric. I wish I has your bass sound :), now if I could only win that Ampeg...:) Very cool tune, and I love the fact that you post something with non-mechanic tempo. It's alive! Rock On B

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markmiller   commented 5 years ago

I'm fonkified! Great to hear all thats happening with your bass tracks...nice work


RickConner   commented 5 years ago

Yepp..tooo much guitar...get rid of that