Mean acapella jam (Joe Bonamassa kontest) Chicago Blues

Started by Ilkka, licensed as Creative Commons Attribution

Talent Needed
Banjo Bass-Electric Bass-Upright Brass-French Horn Brass-Trombone Brass-Trumpet Brass-Tuba Guitar-Dobro Guitar-Ukulele Harmonica Keyboards-Accordian Other-Kazoo Other-Theremin Percussion-Tabla Percussion-Triangle Songwriting-Arrangement Strings-Cello Vocals Vocals-Rap Woodwind-Clarinet Woodwind-Flute Woodwind-Tin/Penny Whistle

Creative Brief
Genre Chicago Blues BPM 104.0 Bonamassa Joe contest

Make something new. Don't pick up your instrument!. Go to your garage or living room and record something anyone has not played before. Music is about creating and having fun...and don't forget that you can sing even if you think you can't.

Collaboration started April 6, 2009 by Ilkka
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Effective on Apr 6, 2009

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