Sommarnatten, bästa natten -DRCUBEMWUS ftw Adult Alternative

Started by Ilkka, licensed as Creative Commons Attribution

Talents Needed

Talent Needed Accepted Auditions
Bass-Electric - -
Bass-Upright - -
Drums-Acoustic - -
Drums-Electric - -
Engineering-Mastering - -
Engineering-Mixing - -
Guitar-Pedal/Lap Steel - -
Guitar-Rhythm - -
Keyboards-Accordian - -
Keyboards-Organ - -
Keyboards-Piano - -
Keyboards-Synth - -
Percussion - -
Songwriting-Lyrics - -

Creative Brief

"In Sweden schlager has been a popular form of music since at least the 1970s, even though it has had its up and downs. It still enjoys a large place in Swedish culture, although it is often considered to be too "popular and commercial" by many people.

Two characterizing features of Swedish schlager songs are that they almost invariably contain a pronounced key change before the final chorus, and they usually last almost exactly three minutes - the maximum length permitted at the Eurovision Song Contest."

This is my entry to Doctor Cubes most unwanted song contest( No tracks yet, but now the game is on and we can start doing some really bad music.

Some guidelines:

- Bpm around 125-135
- Major scale
- intro, 2-3 parts including chorus, maybe a bridge
- Verses in English and chorus in Swedish with words that might be possible to understand if you can read English.
- Pronounced key change before the final chorus
- , need to say more?

Additional Information

Genre Adult Alternative Key Unknown Humor Schlager easy listening

Collaboration started May 16, 2009 by Ilkka
Last upload 5yr+4mo ago


This collaboration is governed by a Creative Commons Attribution license. Any contributions to the project are subject to the same.
Effective on May 16, 2009

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