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Godlike Genius Adult Alternative

Started by CoincidenceControlOffice, licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike



drum idea - v00 Uploaded 4yr+10mo ago by sabatian

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sabatian   commented 4yr+10mo ago

Here is an alternative drum track for this nice piece. Based on the drumless version plus the vocal and the guitar. The last two tracks are longer than the first one so this version is shorter than the featured track (and I did not spend too much time in the mix). If someone is interested I will upload the sep.


richbeerman   commented 4yr+10mo ago

The drumming is great! The guitar track is slightly out of sync in this audio, but your playing is solid. Fantastic.


CoincidenceControlOffice   commented 4yr+10mo ago

great playing, however it is not synced i guess...


sabatian   commented 4yr+10mo ago

I'm glad you like it! You're both right. Since the guitar track did not have any sync reference and I had to leave in 5 minutes I just put it in the place where it made some sense. At the end I decided to leave it there so that the listener could have a better idea of how the drum line sounded with the other instruments. By the way, I am afraid that also the vocal track is not perfectly aligned.