Riding The Weekend Techno

Started by rcassent, licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial

RTW Spin Bass Sep 2 Uploaded 4yr+10mo ago by SpinDizzy

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SpinDizzy   commented 4yr+10mo ago

Just re did the whole thing without referencing anything but the inner soul. Let me know how much of this to keep.

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rcassent   commented 4yr+10mo ago

well, this track did not work for me as it change the harmony for the chords stucture on the chorus. other than that, the rest of the track was good. i am gonna peice it together and post it with both bass parts and let you take another shot if you want - thanks


sabatian   commented 4yr+10mo ago

I like the verse here, it keeps the groove going and it is not too similar to the keys. I have to say that I liked the chorus on the previous version more. I played a bit with the two bass tracks and I quite like the result. I'm going to upload the mix so you can listen to it.

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SpinDizzy   commented 4yr+10mo ago

I think I have this licked (so to speak) and have found a way to meet Riches needs while still finding a feel that...well feels right in the bass seat. I have to admit this is one where it just didn't click right away (and still might not I just think I have a better feel). Listening to Bill's interpretation of the left keyboard hand also helped me center in on the progression a little better. Give me a minute more so that I can refine and hopefully hit closer to the mark this next time. Spinner