Veronique Orchestral

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EnricoNic   commented 4yr+5mo ago

Sounds much better. Maybe guitar and violin sound a bit... "separated"? I think it could be a reverb/ambient thing, something to take care of when the mix progresses with other instruments too.

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phraser   commented 4yr+5mo ago

Thanks Enrico. I agree we should let it alone and re-consider as parts may be added. Jason and I have sweated blood recently with acoustic guitars!

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SUEBEE   commented 2yr+7mo ago

I'm sorry I didn't get this done sooner. I have been working on an album with BurntWill and it took up a lot of time. But I have time now, and here is my lyric idea. The verses follow the violin music exactly. The chorus is a little more free-style. Let me know what you think. If you want it for the project I can post a pdf file. Veronique Please sit with me here near the fire. I get so lost in your innocent desire. Please show me how I can reach you. The reasons are many, the moments are too few. Chorus: Veronique, don?t cry when we say good-bye. Our time together always ends too soon. And if you miss me, my smile?s in the moon. On a stray path everything?s new. Teach me about myself through my love for you. Laughter has touched all that we say. Whisper a promise while showing me the way. Chorus Optional Ending: Please sit with me here near the fire while I get lost in your innocent desire.

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phraser   commented 2yr+7mo ago

This is great SueBee, thank you - please upload a pdf