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Started by musictank, licensed as Creative Commons Attribution

Talents Needed

Talent Needed Accepted Auditions
Bass-Electric - -
Drums-Acoustic - -
Guitar-Lead - -
Guitar-Rhythm - -
Keyboards-Synth - -

Creative Brief

Alternative Acoustic. Upbeat, melody driven, ballad. This is a quick demo. I layed down guitar, a bit of lead guitar, and vocals, though I see this song a bit harder, more intense guitar solos, perhaps some keyboards, and driving drums. I am part owner in a film production company and am looking to submit works for parts in feature films.

Additional Information

Genre Adult Alternative Acoustic All Alternative American Boy Dandy Fall Guitar Out Phoenix Rejects Superdrag Warhols Weezer

Collaboration started August 4, 2010 by musictank
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Effective on Aug 4, 2010

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