Funky Chicken Sandwich Funk

Started by rauldv, licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial

chikpianoaud Uploaded 3yr+9mo ago by LittleLuke

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LittleLuke   commented 3yr+9mo ago

Looks like someone is enjoying a new toy. Cool groove. Some piano for u to consider. Sep if wanted. Feel free to ask for changes Best Regards Jeff

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Rombal   commented 3yr+9mo ago


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rauldv   commented 3yr+9mo ago

Jeff! Love it! I knew I would ever since you played on one of the songs I did with Avi, I wanted you to play on something else with me! Please upload the SEP! The drum track is still not even close to where it should be I started with a short loop that Craig did and then extended it by copy paste but it didn't fall right. He is going to do one from scratch and then the groove should really come together. Marty will do a sax section and Manny is working on some more guitar stuff. I might have to extend it so everyone can take a solo. Depending on how it goes... maybe a little B3 could fit. But maybe hold off until the drums come in. Thanks for your time! I really appreciate it!