Funky Chicken Sandwich Funk

Started by rauldv, licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial

Bsauce Uploaded 3yr+9mo ago by LittleLuke

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LittleLuke   commented 3yr+9mo ago

This groove takes me in a dozen directions... here's one of them. peace Jeff


Manolian   commented 3yr+9mo ago

Yes, That's the sound , dig that B3 for funk.

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rauldv   commented 3yr+9mo ago

Hey Jeff! Yep thats the sound I was looking for! Very Chickalisous! Please upload your favorite take when ready! Remember to include the count at the beginning of the track. Thanks Man! This song is coming together!

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CraigSteen   commented 3yr+9mo ago

Ohhh Dirty ! And a bit of lesley tone cabinet :)