Traction Adult Alternative

Started by porsalin, licensed as Creative Commons Attribution

Traction2.L Uploaded 3yr+4mo ago by Syracuse

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Syracuse   commented 3yr+4mo ago

I couldn't help playing along with your song. I don't think my track really adds much as the programmed drums are nicely done. Just having fun and learning how to use my Protools. Really a wonderfully written song. Great work Adam!


porsalin   commented 3yr+3mo ago

This is great - you got it in stereo per chance? Might just use this as an alternate version - great drumming dude!!


Syracuse   commented 3yr+3mo ago

Hi Adam. I do have another piece to the track. It came out as Traction2.R I think that may be the other side of the track(?). If you'd like I can send that or the seps or redo another take. I'll just need some advice as to how to send out a stereo version as I'm new to protools and just learning. Also please feel free to make any suggestions as to what you'd like for the drum track. You and Derek did a great job on this and I'd be happy to do a track to your taste. Thanks Adam, Dave.