Chillin' Out Contemporary R&B

Started by simon_lau, licensed as Creative Commons Attribution

ChillinTrumpet Parts Uploaded 3yr+2mo ago by ChuckMac

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ChuckMac   commented 3yr+2mo ago

Sorry I don't have more yet Simon. I blew my chops out on a part I did for NWSounds. I managed these parts for you to at least see if the Harmon mute or the double of your cool hook is useable. Later this weekend or the first of next week I should get some time to Kompoz again and be more complete. Chillin! cmac


simon_lau   commented 3yr+2mo ago

Cool..I'll check it out when I get home later..Thanks Chuck.


simon_lau   commented 3yr+2mo ago

Hey, it does sounds good..I like it! OK, We'll keep this one. In mean time, we shall wait for more trumpet parts next week..thanks..:)