You Decide 1 *1000 Feet* IDM/Experimental

Started by drums, licensed as Creative Commons Attribution



1000 Feet Uploaded 3yr+1mo ago by LucidDreaming

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LucidDreaming   commented 3yr+1mo ago

Hi Anthony! Here I try for the "beatnik" idea you suggested. :-)


drums   commented 3yr+1mo ago

Hi Deanna, Great job! I'm wondering if anyone remembers the "beatnik" days. As a matter of fact Mike Myers had a movie "my wife is an axe murderer" where he was a poet that when he performed he did that sort of thing. I just think it's cool way of musical expression that is long gone, but you nailed it, and I don't think I've heard anyone do this here yet. I'll play with a mix soon. Thanks! What happened to Kompoz in the last few days?

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Phoephus   commented 3yr+1mo ago

Yeah Deanna! I'm getting the urge to put on a beret and burn something scented. I love the emotions and textures you conjure with your voice.

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LucidDreaming   commented 3yr+1mo ago

Thanks guys! Anthony, I loved the groove, and Joe, your guitar complimented it beautifully, plus, it gave me a chance to add a bit of melodic stuff too. The beatniks were a little before my time, but I would have hung out with them, Dadeo!