Hole in the Sky Contemporary Folk

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Talent Needed
Bass-Electric Bass-Upright Drums-Acoustic Guitar-Lead Guitar-Pedal/Lap Steel Guitar-Rhythm Keyboards-Organ Keyboards-Piano Percussion Strings-Cello Vocals

Creative Brief
Genre Contemporary Folk Key E major BPM 83.0

I was reading the news one day about the ozone issue and how our disregard is harming the planet. I'm no tree-hugger but it struck me that collectively, the way we treat our surroundings pretty much mirrors the way we individually treat each other...lovingly much of the time, but very carelessly a bit too often. This is a song about the pain of lost love. Hoping for acoustic drums, bass, percussion, back-up vox, B3 organ....but everyone is invited and I welcome all ideas! While the song in the current form may sound mellow, I'm hoping to drive it pretty hard, especially the drums. I'd like for the drums to pump and swing. Don't be bashful with the toms on this one.

Started August 30, 2011 by JimCavanaugh

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