J3 (untitled) Chicago Blues

Started by MUD, licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike

Talent Needed
Bass-Electric Bass-Upright Drums-Acoustic Engineering-Mastering Engineering-Mixing Guitar-Lead Guitar-Rhythm Harmonica Keyboards-Organ

Creative Brief
Genre Chicago Blues Key Unknown BPM 84.0 blues rock

twisted blues song. I just want to keep my vocal. Looking for guitars, bass, keys and acoustic drums to replace what you hear now. Mick aka Toadman is on slide. Needs lead guitar to embellish the verse then stepping it up a gear during the "someone can save me" and solo section. Lead will work over the entire song including slide if tastefully done. Im hearing Eric Clapton buzzed on goof balls but whatever.

Collaboration started September 8, 2011 by MUD
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