Doodle 001 IDM/Experimental

Started by davidsteinlage, licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike

Creative Brief
Genre IDM/Experimental Key G minor BPM 120.0

This is just something I've been kicking around very occasionally and decided to blow the dust off my guitar which never gets any use to see if I could bust out a melody. And for being as rusty as I am I seemed to... more or less get the core of what I was trying for out in one take (after several bad takes). I have a lot of practice to do. I realize I didn't leave much space anywhere for other additions; my feeling is the guitar as it is right now needs to pause here and there to allow something to come in, like vocals or another instrument of some kind. But all in due time. FAIR WARNING: Contains terrible guitar playing by me.

Collaboration started September 14, 2011 by davidsteinlage

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