Angels Aint Got Nothin On Me Techno

Started by leesharp, licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial

Creative Brief
Genre Techno BPM 120.0

Just a quick idea. No structure or thought yet just 30 minutes work, basic tracks and drums. No light or shade yet etc. Let's see where it goes....... that was then..... minutes turn into hours, hours in to days and thanks to a brilliant guitar line by Tim (ecopunk) and fantastic vocal melody idea by Brooke (40milecreek) this song is well on it's way - thankyou so much thus far. Then Steph (stephborel) came along and bam, I can't say more than that. Gonna have to have a few spin offs of this project for sure. Finally Graeme (CrystalMixing) did a fantastic job of the masterting to give what we have now.

Collaboration started October 8, 2011 by leesharp
Last upload 2yr+1mo ago

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leesharp Lee Sharp

United Kingdom

ecopunk e cpnk

Brighton Sussex United Kingdom

stephborel Steph Borel

Chicago IL USA

GearSlut Todd W

Washington DC USA

CrystalMixing Graeme Kay

Glasgow United Kingdom