Flash right back Adult Alternative

Started by Barmi, licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial

Barmi feat. Ludic Dreaming - Flash right back Uploaded 2yr+8mo ago by Barmi

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Barmi   commented 2yr+8mo ago

here is a finished version of Lucid Dreaming! Thank you for the lovely voice! I have changed a bit the guitar and the voice used again. I am looking forward to the version of dirty word holiday.

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LucidDreaming   commented 2yr+8mo ago

Thanks Barmi, this sounds great, all synced up perfectly. :)


dirtywordholiday   commented 2yr+8mo ago

Brilliant! Really nice. Barmi, I?m still working on my take. But I really like this.


RenoS   commented 2yr+6mo ago

wow. I really don't know what else to say, words just don't describe this.

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LucidDreaming   commented 2yr+6mo ago



Barmi   commented 2yr+4mo ago

I think its done. wath do you think LucidDreaming? something to change? Thx for your part and i hope it was not the first/last :)