Demon Blues Chicago Blues

Started by ArlanJones, licensed as Creative Commons Attribution

Talent Needed
Bass-Electric Drums-Acoustic Engineering-Mixing Guitar-Lead Keyboards-Piano Percussion Saxophone-Tenor Vocals

Creative Brief
Genre Chicago Blues Key G major BPM 90.0 blues

As I am a WAV proponent (willing to discuss this if anyone is interested) I am posting pretty much everything in that format for this song. Demo editions of tracks and mixes are welcome but for your best or final editions I would appreciate receiving in the WAV format. As I also have seen some debates on posting mixes for dubbing specific voice or instruments vs posting all tracks for downloading for this purpose I am uploading both mixes and tracks for which ever preference you might have. This is just a simple old blues song. A rough idea with hopefully a BB King kind of conclusion. Standard G chord progression Lyrics are posted in discussion section Individual tracks with syn tones coming soon

Collaboration started November 12, 2011 by ArlanJones
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