Hearts need touching Pop/Rock

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HNT Drums idea Pass 1 CRaig Uploaded 2yr+5mo ago by CraigSteen

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CraigSteen   commented 2yr+5mo ago

Hi guys - Just a couple of idea I'm knocking around with at the moment. The timing is a bit wishy washy in places, and that's where my brain was trying to work out whether to listen to the Cubase click or the rythm guitar. Before I zoom on on the tidying up process, I wondered what your thoughts were on the intro and chorus ? I'm still working on the drums around the end of the bridge and after the key change. Anyway - the drums are very forward in the mix so you get to hear all the imperfections :S Let me know what you think, and if i should start a new idea going or work on this one. Cheers, C. PS. No obligation to use any of this - as always :)