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 This is a jazz adaptation of the Pergolesi (Parisotti) art song, Se Tu M'ami, from a couple hundred years ago.  I've sung it here in english mostly, the few italian lyrics are translated. The italian is old, not a style any longer spoken.

Thanks for listening!

Btw, for fun, here's the original being sung by a great performer and scholar of early-music, Cecilia Bartoli:

Song Adaptation/Guitar - Nicola Offidani
Bass - Ian Pellow
Piano - Pat Felitti
Drums - Tommaso
Vocals - Me


If You Love Me
Lyric adaptation by Bob W. and C. Kafka

If You Love Me
If you would sigh for me
Only me
Oh, my gentle boy

Sweet, your loving ardor
In sympathy, I feel your pain
If you imagine
That on you alone
My whole heart will remain

Pastorello, sei soggetto    (Little shepherd,
Facilmente a t'ingannar    you are subject to
Pastorello, sei soggetto    deceiving yourself
Facilmente a t'ingannar    easily)

Facilmente a t'ingannar

Like a red red rose
A lover I might choose to pluck today
But if  that pretty bloom
Should prick me with a thorn
Tenderly, it's tossed away
Tenderly, it's tossed away

Ma degli uomini il consiglio     (But I won't  
Io per me non seguirò            follow advice
Non perché mi piace il giglio    of the men…
Gli altri fiori sprezzerò             When a flower
Io non sprezzerò                    pleases me,
                                            I don't reject
                                            the others)
How easily we are deceived
When we want to believe
mm hmm

Still you want me
Still you would sigh for me
Only me
Oh, my gentle boy

If you love me

Additional Information

Genre Trad Jazz Key E minor BPM 70.0 Seduction

Collaboration started January 10, 2012 by ChrystalKafka
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This collaboration is governed by a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. Any contributions to the project are subject to the same.
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