Bad Bad Girl American Trad Rock

Started by SLV, licensed as Creative Commons Attribution

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BadBadGirlVoxMix1 Uploaded 2yr+7mo ago by vegasbilly

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vegasbilly   commented 2yr+7mo ago

Ok, so overall...kick ass song. Here is what I had for ideas for vocals. If you don't like them, it's all good. Now I have a suggestion or 2 if you care to use, cool, if too just happy to help out and contribute. Suggestion 1: The breakdown in the middle is a nice touch, but I think it would sound better considering how I have the vocal structure if the synth was taken out completely and replaced with maybe a floor tom build along with a guitar strum. Suggestion 2: At the end I feel it might be best to repeat the chorus, but end it the way it is if that makes sense. I think if you agree with my vocal idea, it would sound a lot more powerful and less abbreviated if the chorus was sang twice instead of once. Like I said, just suggestions, but I really dig the tune. Provide feedback and let me know if this is something you might be interested in continuing. If so, I will also post lyrics. Rock on!

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SLV   commented 2yr+7mo ago

Billy; I could only hear it once and at relatively low volume. Just a couple of quick observations. It's hard to judge because the vocal might be too loud or too dry on top of the mix. Can you mix it in just a bit and add some space to give it a blended demo sound? I kinda like the synth bridge and would like to keep it if possible. Erik and I were surprised at how much we liked it after is resulted almost by accident. Is there another vocal approach that would fit better in this place? Maybe just a quicker jab like "You'll never be the same" just once then a hard hitting guitar solo when the rhythm kicks back in? The added chorus at the end is easily doable I think. Erik built the drum track from the ground up so I can't speak for him, but the bass part would be easy to add. It could even be looped. I get what you are saying about it and think it could be a good idea.

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vegasbilly   commented 2yr+7mo ago

yeah I usually make the vocals a little higher in the mix initially, just a habit :) I'll mix it in a bit and wetten it up and repost something. As far as the synth bridge it's not bad, don't get me wrong, and the vocals still fit regardless, just hearing different things and throwing it out there. The only big things is chorus at the end. I think that would really make this song punch. :)