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Creative Brief

I was sitting in the studio today and thought of adding some chanting to a kirtan I am working on. I would be grateful if you could sing along or play along; you may even experience the bliss of kirtan that I feel!

I eventually want to incorporate this chanting in an album that will have only one song -- it can be much longer than what it currently is -- so imagine creating sections of this very long song when you record.

The only word used here is "satnam" pronounced "Sat-naam" or "true name." The meter is 3/4. Its a simple 4 bar cycle with 2 bars of D#9 (D#, F, G, A#) followed 2 bars of G#m6 (G#, B, D#, F ... also A# if you want) -- repeated forever!!!

I just sang one vocal track this morning (1 take) ... and layered the same track 4 times at 4 different intervals so create the harmonies -- so the effect is random harmonies.


Additional Information

Genre Lounge Key E flat major BPM 100.0 Age Chanting Kirtan Meditation New Peace

Collaboration started April 22, 2012 by shivshivshiv
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This collaboration is governed by a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license. Any contributions to the project are subject to the same.
Effective on Apr 22, 2012

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