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raf / Raf Fiol 4 days ago
A new installment of the Kompoz Podcast is now available. Want to make a living making music? Talent is key, but not enough. Listen to this special episode of the Kompoz Podcast hosted by Ezra Vancil, with special guest Angela Myles Beeching, author of "Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music". Listen Here and on iTunes

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EdSilva / Edson Silva 2 hours ago
CRAP!!!! What relentless Kompozing, sometimes around the clock could not accomplish, a lightning bolt did it in a millisecond, and fried my PC. I thought I had it covered and that my projects were all backed up, only to find out that only basically the names of the projects were being saved to the external drive, but not the recorded contents, unless they were done on native virtual instruments. It is the freaking saddest day in rock and roll history to me, since Syd Barrett's death!

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michealsaunders737 / Terry - Micheal Saunders 2 hours ago
Ok, I've searched high and low on kompoz and as far as I know there isn't one on here, soooo, here it is, the first ever tear jerker. The 1st verse would start after the 4 bar intro. It's a slow country genre with pedal steel throughout, but,,,,,, This piece requires a really sad story line, both spoken and sung, Verses would be spoken, and choruses sung, maybe a duet of male and female on the choruses, or maybe a female singing the choruses and a male telling the story,, similar in line to Dolly Pardon and Porter Wagoner with 'Jeannie's afraid of the dark' The story needs to be the saddest ever created. As usual, seps are provided for DAW's. Consider this a sort of challenge.

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nemonty / Ne Monty 4 hours ago
Some of the first soul music I ever played in Germany 1968.

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Slyder / Slyder *♪♫♪* 5 hours ago
Something I put together today. Left this one open for some guitar, lyrics/vocals, bass.

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UnderGunnedProductions / UnderGunned Productions 5 hours ago
Ive just been playing with my self lately and my psychedelic schizophrenic band Mind Tangle but I do plan on getting back to Kompozing here real soon! I hope all is well with all my fellow Kompozers!

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nemonty / Ne Monty 6 hours ago
My all time favorite modern composer, Mr. Henri Mancini with the original Blues Brothers Band doing.........Peter Gunn theme song!

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rockonkidd / Norman Kidd 8 hours ago
new mix with back up vocals = sounds new country

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MothersTalk / Stevie M 10 hours ago
Newly published Mothers Talk collab...4 minutes of pure sonic adrenaline!

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debbiestrange / Debbie Strange 11 hours ago
A bit of writers block! I need a few titles to help me write.

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zerosum / T Z 14 hours ago
I like to listen to songs that have huge builds that crash down on you while you're listening. Here are a few recommended listens: - "Something I can Never Have" Nine Inch Nails (off the Still Album, just piano and vocals) - The build from "Ocean Floor" into "This is the Time(Ballast)" by Nothing More is pretty awesome, and then there are several builds within "This is the Time(Ballast)" - "Oblivion" off the Oblivion Soundtrack by M83 What epic songs are in your playlist?

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RuslanTroknyuk / Ruslan Troknyuk 14 hours ago

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Brannon / Brannon Hedgcoth 15 hours ago
I bought a GoPro camera with my winnings from the contest. There was no way I was going to throw it into the pot and pay bills with it. For a variety of understandable reasons, I may never win another contest on kompoz. Thus, it's cause for the pursuit of happiness in the form of my favorite summertime activity. Thanks Bill.

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DocDaFunk / JC Beziz 15 hours ago
Freakin' Genius!! Nu-Motown funk.....

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EdSilva / Edson Silva 16 hours ago
Is Kompoz offline today?

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Dabbler16 / CJ Krecsy 17 hours ago
thanks to Fabien C for mixing tips and providing the Evil Bass I was looking for, this track is all but complete. \m/ \m/ If anyone has ideas to compliment it, feel free to submit, otherwise, I will mark as finished. CJ

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ZzEeAaLl / Buck Stewart 17 hours ago
Anyone want to create some music for this one? Lyrics only. Press "Details" to read them

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RB / &#344ick Бérls 17 hours ago
Recut from the Kompoz vault. New drums, new arrangement.

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DavidGL / David Garrido 18 hours ago
All lightnings together maintain an Earth resonance wave of infrasonic frequency of 8 Hz (Schumann resonance). Meaning the fundamental pitch of all distant thunders together is C-1. Guitar standard tuning only gets down to E2

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joel_sattlersongs / Joel Sattler 19 hours ago
SHAPES OF THINGS by the Yardbirds Jeff Beck on guitar The only good and early "live" version of this that I could find had Jimmy Page on lead guitar instead of Beck .

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frederic / Frederic Ericksen 20 hours ago
Interesting, Looked at Jeff Becks Discography. Man, huge catalog. My fave is Blow by Blow, and also There and Back. Another fact is this: In 1970, when Beck had regained his health, he set about forming a band with drummer Cozy Powell. Beck, Powell and producer Mickie Most flew to the US and recorded several tracks at Motown's famed Studio A in Hitsville U.S.A. with the Funk Brothers, Motown's in-house band, but the results remained unreleased. Wonder what that sounded like. Was it FUNK?

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RayDeMeriden / Ray DeMeriden 1 day ago
REPORT: Jeff Beck is 70 years old, has arthritis in his right hand, but wow! great concert. Three standing ovations. His drummer was amazing. That I finally got to see this legend live - wonderful.

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xvpusw / Tracy Hutchison 1 day ago
I still remember that rumblin sound

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LooknGlass / L.J. Tanner 1 day ago
This song made me a fan of Norah Jones..

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ExperimentSynonym / Garret Thomas 1 day ago
here is my link to my facebook solo project page i have if you want to check it out

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rockonkidd / Norman Kidd 1 day ago
this this is a song about some ones search for love

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yannkifer / yann kifer 1 day ago
just an idea at the piano good listening Yann

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WalterPaulOwen / Walter Paul Owen 1 day ago
Mike Campbell - Outstanding Guitarist

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yannkifer / yann kifer 1 day ago

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DonnieAlan / Donnie Alan 1 day ago
Come join the fun at the Virtual Instruments and Plugins Group. Share your insights or ask your questions about any of the VI's and plugins we ALL use to create and mix our tracks!

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Emptyglass / paul wakefield 1 day ago
Getting a comment of mine deleted by someone when I was saying I liked what they had done, is certainly a new one on me. I was going to work on that idea too. But they have made up my mind for me, even after they told me to 'go for it'. I love it when I'm being a diva.

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$300 for #300

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The launch of SoundBlend -- the first-of-its-kind music store featuring collaborative music exclusively -- is near. We're pretty excited. There have been over 4,000 tracks released over the years by Kompoz members. But most of those releases occurred p...

Introducing the SoundBlend Moodboard

Posted 7 days ago
To help listeners discover your music on SoundBlend, we’ve designed a search widget we call the Moodboard. The moodboard is a quadrant, with tempo along the vertical axis, and emotion or attitude along the horizontal axis. A visitor to the site ...

SoundBlend Logo and Sneak Peek

Posted 13 days ago
Thank you for the all the feedback on the logo.  We agree with you -- option 'A' is the clear winner.  If you hadn't noticed already, the logo is actually a side view of a pair of headphones.  It's highly stylized, so that the headphones...

New Collaboration Dashboard Page

Posted 16 days ago
We just rolled out an update to the Dashboard page of each collaboration.  The updates are primarily cosmetic, although there are several new data elements that have been added.  We think this new layout will provide better insight into what'...

SoundBlend: A Music Store Created by You

Posted 17 days ago
The Kompoz music store we announced recently has a name and a home on the Intrawebs!  We're calling it SoundBlend.  We really like the name, because it speaks directly to the nature of the song creation process -- artists blending their talen...

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