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EdSilva / Edson Silva 47 minutes ago
Joe6 and Ken Ferretti, geniuses or plain insane? You be the judge...

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Kiwi-Mike / Mike Eccleson 48 minutes ago
Thought I would throw up a new idea if you feeling a little blue. Don't know where this is going yet. Needs lyrics, vocals, drums, guitar, bass, sax, keyboards, arrangement. This is just a germ of an idea on an almost blank canvas....

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MothersTalk / Stevie M 1 hour ago
Filthy brawl music fueled by a loner's sexual frustration. Basically a sonic interpretation of Patrick Swayze's character in Roadhouse

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liljoe6string / Joey six 1 hour ago
Show the love~~ JOETHEMUSTANG VOX GTR MIX MASTER ROB GLASS BASS GOD and Spiritual guidence JOEY6 SONG GTR FX FIGSOUNDS 'FIGGY' PERCS DRUMS KEYS HORNS Lets try this again so that it works!! one moment please

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FunkySkunk / Joe Skelley 1 hour ago
Evening guys, was just wondering, what is the best way of doing two separate versions of the same song, one with singing and one instrumental? I was hoping to do it with this song:

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sriracha / Billy LeCoq-Mauvais 2 hours ago
Upload problems via web and konnect app with "hostname not found" errors on upload. Anyone else having these right now?

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MarkAlanDooley / Mark Alan Dooley 2 hours ago
Old school guitar pop funk rock

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AMP / Alan Motley 4 hours ago
I added some layers and did some light editing. Thoughts?

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crazymadhouse / David Young 4 hours ago
I love this track, and Mike has put together a great vocal and harmonies. There's a great set of guitar seps from Neil "Mudflappus" and a great bass too from SaHrP. Would anyone like to mix/master this for us?

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Hotjams / James Watson 4 hours ago
On a certain remote island in the Indian Ocean lives a population of stink beetles. The stink beetles are eaten by the rose-breasted swallowed tailed crested cuckoo birds that nest on the island. The cuckoos, in turn are eaten by the bald headed, spotted, long tailed rock cats that prowl the island. If the population of beetles is x,....

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Hotjams / James Watson 5 hours ago
My Precious

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mwilferd1 / Michael Wilferd 7 hours ago
Where can I find the Kompoz sync tone?

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Jonnairai / Jonnai Rai 8 hours ago
Greetings, everyone. Plz take a listen to my tracks. I have a song out on iTunes. It is entitled "Remember When." It can be purchased on iTunes.

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RuslanTroknyuk / Ruslan Troknyuk 9 hours ago
my new single is coming soon in stores, thank you for your attention

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liljoe6string / Joey six 10 hours ago

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mwilferd1 / Michael Wilferd 10 hours ago
Sucker, I've got my eye on you....:) Moosemind1 Gemini Gimmee mwilferd1 I always get a kick out of this one...

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joel_sattlersongs / Joel Sattler 11 hours ago
WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN - Louis Armstrong and Danny Kaye

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michealsaunders737 / Terry - Micheal Saunders 16 hours ago
Anyone feeling a bit nostalgic? Wanna try yer hand at a Buddy Holly sound? I was listening to some oldies I had stashed away (vinyl records), and I came up with this,,,,,,as usual, seps are available. How about a ballad with a 60s feel. Needs lyrics and vocals.

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marcelosz / Marcelo SZ 19 hours ago
Any lyrics writer / vocalists out there??? Plz! :-)

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liljoe6string / Joey six 21 hours ago
LOST MY ONLY F~ING good pick!! where would you be if you were a pick? AND no guitar center doesnt have them!!!! urrrrrggggg!!!

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AMP / Alan Motley 1 day ago
Lets get some opinions on melody and lyric structure please.

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Staffan / Carlsons Songs 1 day ago
It is not that often But, now it is nice And hot in Sweden too! Rock on

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mwilferd1 / Michael Wilferd 1 day ago
Infected Puppets laying it down... Marcelo Boratto Sandy Barthe Josh Miller Harald Kay Michael Wilferd Nice work fella's!

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crazymadhouse / David Young 1 day ago
Not sure if anyone can do anything with this. Vocals and lyrics a possibility? It's a bit strange, I must warn you!!

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jacobsapple / Jacob Bergman 1 day ago
If these were my kids, I would be a proud father!

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RuslanTroknyuk / Ruslan Troknyuk 1 day ago
I asked C.I.A. to help me to develop my department of modern art and they can't help. I need 77,999,555,000000000001$ for next step.That's how I spend my monday.Next single is coming soon. If you will buy all my releases from iTunes store I will take you in my C.I.A.'s department of modern art.

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Fretbuzz / Martin Jacob Mork 1 day ago
I have to give props to Anton for his killer mix, bass and backing vocals on this song and "of course" Scott`s brilliant vocal. Montreal, Honolulu and the Netherlands coming together on Kompoz!

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wiig / Almasi Endre 1 day ago
For ....singer, drummers, fx..and...and...:)

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kylesoundman / Kyle Lynch 1 day ago
Here is my 2nd mix collab.

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DocDaFunk / JC Beziz 1 day ago
I'm super excited about this French collab! Greg vocals are superb and he wrote a very poetic and sexy lyrics!! Jecks spreading some high luvin low ends too!

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