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WaiheDave / Dave Denize 25 minutes ago
Have a tech question on this site, someone might help with/have similar problem. The dropdown box on the notifications 'bell' at top right of page. I don't seem to be able to scroll this. More than 6 notifications and I loose them off the bottom...annoying. Any tips to find a solution? DD

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EdSilva / Edson Silva 40 minutes ago
Hard to catch

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debbiestrange / Debbie Strange 42 minutes ago
I am not big on covers but I would very much like to cover the Lenord Cohen song, "Hallelujah". I would like the full version, in a slower tempo than what Jeff Buckley did. I want it just guitar and my voice; either acoustic or electric. The intro does not have to be as long as Buckley's...but I would like a 4 bar intro. Any takers?

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sanger / Steven Gardner 44 minutes ago
Now, this is an interesting concept - he takes 'happy-upbeat' tunes, changes the key from major to minor. The results are startlingly brilliant Cheap Trick's "I Want You To Want Me' as you've never imagined

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Breathtax / Ben _ 3 hours ago
Have you ever felt bludgeoned by a piece of criticism? like you're almost winded even though the criticism wasn't made with malice or not horrid....what approaches do you have in dealing with criticism, helpful and otherwise, or criticism that you find hard to deal with please?

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antonklinkt / Anton Wannemakers 5 hours ago
Think I misheard the songtitle...

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RuslanTroknyuk / Ruslan Troknyuk 6 hours ago
The 428 °F (220 °C) melting point of nylon 6 is lower than the 509 °F (265 °C) melting point of nylon 6,6.

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offthewall / James Fraser 7 hours ago
Quick question about pricing plan 'quotas'. I've seen this asked before but have never found a definitive answer. Say a lyricist starts off a new project. I come along and pick up those lyrics, kick it off as a new project and invite the originator as a member. If he now deletes that original project will it COME OFF his quota, allowing him to create another in it's place?

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DonnieAlan / Donnie Alan 7 hours ago
Come join our newest Group: Virtual Instruments and Plugins. Some discussions already started regarding all those VI's and plugins we all use in creating and mixing our tracks! Come join in, share your knowledge, tips, tricks or ask your questions!

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selaperforms / Sela Performs 8 hours ago
MMhmm looking for soothing music.. listen to Nicola!! A dreamy song featuring Darlene P her lyrics and Nicola his wonderful latin feel and soothing voice... I got to mumble to this hihih.. Dean drums and Frederic Sax mmhmmm is all i must say and share.. Love KOMPOZ

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Explendidos / Thomas Ewel 8 hours ago
Hi's me again with another audio visualizer. This time with the electronica tune; "Diversity". Enjoy ;-)

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EdSilva / Edson Silva 9 hours ago
One of those big question marks of life....

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JennyK / Jenny Brennan 9 hours ago
Okay, here goes. Any aspiring narrators in here? And yes, it needs music too!

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sanger / Steven Gardner 9 hours ago
Ya, we got this!

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NickyH94 / Nicky Haldenby 10 hours ago
Hello folks! Apologies for taking the emphasis away from the music for a moment but I figured that this would be the best place to ask for advice. I feel it?s kinda important, so please forgive me for the boring-ness of this conversation ;-) Basically, as I said when I first joined the site, I?m making a 10-track album with the songs that I?ve created on here. I already have the CD available to pre-order on bandcamp and I?ll also be selling the tracks on iTunes, Amazon etc All my collaborations (and therefore the contributions to the collaborations) have a CCA license, which technically means I could sell the songs I make without sharing revenue, as long as I give appropriate credit (is that right?) BUT my issue with that is that I don?t want to claim all the revenue for a piece of art that has been a collective effort, it just wouldn't feel right. So here are my questions? 1. How is best to split the money made? (Obviously, different people are involved with each of the songs so I?ll divide it into 10 first, but what is a fair percentage for me and for each collaborator?) 2. Do I split all the money or do I split the actual profit? I know from past experiences of selling music that when I deduct costs such as making up CD packages etc, I don?t actually make much/any profit. So do I start splitting money when I make a profit or do I split all of the revenue? I know the album won?t make much money but equally I want to split any profit somehow as I feel it?s only fair. Also, I don't want to make this anything 'legal' as such, I just want to be able to share and thank people for their work in a fair way. So... what do you recommend? Again, sorry for taking emphasis away from the music side of things for a moment but I just wanted to hear some opinions on this kind of thing Thank you :-)

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nemonty / Ne Monty 10 hours ago
All about that bass!............Meghan Trainor singer/songwriter.

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sanger / Steven Gardner 11 hours ago
'Surprise Me' comes through again! Hump Day HIT! "UNdone" Jeanette BBkhn - lyric, vocals & artwork Filippo Morabito - guitars Rob Glass - bass Victor Brabble - horns FIGSOUNDS - drums, percussion, keys & horns Dan Grubbs - mix engineer Frank Kennedy - alternative mix

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joel_sattlersongs / Joel Sattler 12 hours ago
The Cello Concerto in E Minor by Elgar played by Jacqueline Du Pre I love the very end of this video, with she and Daniel laughing and running and happy.....

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DocDaFunk / JC Beziz 12 hours ago

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mwilferd1 / Michael Wilferd 13 hours ago
It seems I am always chasing memories.... AiryConnection Gemini Mr. Sinister mwilferd1 Great work was a pleasure to be involved with this one..:)

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EdSilva / Edson Silva 15 hours ago
TRAPPED with Ms. Kayla.

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EdSilva / Edson Silva 16 hours ago
All we need is LOVE people....

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offthewall / James Fraser 17 hours ago
New member Bryan put these sweet lyrics up so I've kicked things off for him. Any drummers want to jump on this? I plan on re-doing all after a drum track has been laid. C'mon into this lil bit of country, guys.

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naedsukram / Dean jones 17 hours ago
Any chance of making the default setting for changing project license to 'everyone agrees' rather than each member having to approve it. Just sayin.

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joemustang93 / Joseph Marks 19 hours ago
Wow.. stumbled across this.. I did this vocal cover for a friend at work who made a bet that I couldn't sing a Tool tune.. So i accepted his challenge and did 'Vicarious' by Tool. :).. The instrument track is one that i found on youtube where someone was able to almost pull the vocals completely out.. they were very faint

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joemustang93 / Joseph Marks 19 hours ago

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EdSilva / Edson Silva 19 hours ago
Another run of the mill love song for now... Let' see what the posse turns this one into.

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PilotProject / Michel Pilotte 19 hours ago
Jimi Hendrix Experience - All Along the Watchtower (Guitar Master Track)

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edgeblues208 / Josh Miller 20 hours ago
shames this harmonica player is not more active on kompoz he could rip it up

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RayDeMeriden / Ray DeMeriden 21 hours ago
Anticipation .....

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