DocDaFunk / JC Beziz 3mo+13dy ago

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PolarBear   commented 3mo+13dy ago

And to answer this question by saying .. "No, I'm a humbucker.", will probably really make them wonder.

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DocDaFunk   commented 3mo+13dy ago


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SirEdgeingtonBlue   commented 3mo+13dy ago

What if your a p-90.

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Moosemind1   commented 3mo+12dy ago

then you'd be more willing to get a bit trashy


AlexanderK   commented 3mo+12dy ago

That's more akin to buttering your bread on both sides :)

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m3roadworx   commented 3mo+12dy ago

That is funny!

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m3roadworx   commented 3mo+12dy ago

I have posted this on my Facebook page without credits. Sorry. EDIT: Added link to this post on my Facebook page. I am sure it is appreciated by the five people who read what I post over there.