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"Nate's heart wrenching lyrics and vocals were a revelation, then Raul, Brad & Derek's contributions just lifted it to another level."

- dazzos
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Down Adult Alternative

34 Files, 8 days ago
EndGame, PilotProject, NicolaOffidani, alyo, labresults


Far from Beyond Here Prog-Rock/Art Rock

26 Files, 1mo+6dy ago
ironhide1975, thatcat
Guitar-Lead Bass-Electric Drums-Acoustic more


For Just a Moment or Two Contemporary Blues

3 Files, 1mo+6dy ago
thejohnnygray, joel_sattlersongs


Distance for a dollar Prog-Rock/Art Rock

11 Files, 27 days ago
Bigwagdog, liljoe6string
Guitar-Rhythm Guitar-Lead Keyboards-Synth more


The View Fusion

3 Files, 24 days ago
Brass-Horn Saxophone Woodwind-Clarinet more


Black And White- Need Drums, Guitars and Vocals Indie Rock

5 Files, 1mo+7dy ago
JakeC, EchoProjectStudio
Vocals-Male Vocals-Female Guitar-Lead more


Light Blues Instrumental

2 Files, 1mo+13dy ago
Drums Bass anything


one hundred winters (duet ) New Acoustic

22 Files, 1mo+5dy ago
g4greg, Sterling, spellcraft, AndrewB
Vocals-Female Guitar-Acoustic Keyboards more


Stranger On Line Fusion

5 Files, 8 days ago
Keyboards Guitar bass more


Its Been A Long Time Classic Rock

7 Files, 1mo+12dy ago
AviRosenfeld, gabrojazz
Drums-Acoustic Bass Brass-Trumpet more


About us Instrumental

1 File, 1mo+13dy ago
Guitar-Acoustic Other Bass more


Far from Beyond Here Prog-Rock/Art Rock

26 Files, 1mo+6dy ago
ironhide1975, thatcat
Guitar-Lead Bass-Electric Drums-Acoustic more


Morning House

1 File, 1mo+12dy ago


King of Kings Metal

2 Files, 1mo+13dy ago
Vocals-Male Vocals-Female


Dance Song 2014 House

1 File, 1mo+14dy ago


I Need Your Thrill Again Hard Rock

2 Files, 1mo+14dy ago
bthorne, MikeJM
Vocals Drums


Left behind Classic Rock

11 Files, 28 days ago
MrRockstar, MikeJM, PilotProject
Drums-Acoustic Bass-Electric Vocals-Male more


Number 36 Indie Rock

3 Files, 8 days ago
PilotProject, EndGame
Keyboards-Synth Vocals Vocals-Female more


Castel Rock Hard Rock

1 File, 1mo+16dy ago
Drums Bass Keyboards-Synth more


Out There Soft Rock

14 Files, 9 days ago
crazymadhouse, MikeJM, selaperforms
Guitar Bass Drums more


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