Collaboration Spotlight

Let It Go, featuring RyanLucas

  The talent on Kompoz blows my mind. - RyanLucas

Uncle Tom's Cabin, featuring rockindrummer68

  When it was all finished, I really had to stand back in amazement at how a song on Kompoz can go from a simple acoustic guitar track to a complete, professionally produced song. I think the overall magic that exists within Kompoz is just that. - rockindrummer68

What If, Goodbye, featuring PlaceholderID

  RAVEN took a simple song and the turned it into something special, all I did was play a guitar very poorly- and without the existence of kompoz, I wouldn't have come across musicians that I've been able to enjoy creating music with - PlaceholderID

Steph Borel A Wise Woman, featuring stephborel

  It's an addiction. If I didn't have to eat, sleep or work, I'd be kompozing 24-7. I love Kompoz! - stephborel


Kompoz Podcasts

Kompoz Podcast 1 - Hosted by Dogbizkits (August 2007), hosted by dogbizkits

New Releases

Palm Sunday Christian Pop

MarkAlanDooley, joel_sattlersongs, EdSilva, kenzoK

Seale The Deal Fusion

BradDunbar, EdSilva, kenzoK

One Week Later Christian Metal

MarkAlanDooley, joel_sattlersongs, EdSilva, kenzoK

Wasted Prog-Rock/Art Rock

rollingthunder, JennyK, kenzoK, Gemini

In Too Deep Metal

MarkAlanDooley, xvpusw, EdSilva, kenzoK