Journeys End Indie Rock

Released April 19, 2013


Created by


Moosemind1 Jamie Conklin

Lisbon Falls Maine USA
Original music, guitar, 1st vocal
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Gemini Nigel Robinson

Borders Scotland United Kingdom
Drums, Bass, Keyboards, synthesizer, Mixing and Mastering
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mwilferd1 Michael Wilferd

Los Angeles California USA
Original concept, Origial lyrics, 2nd vocal
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Artist's Notes

Journeys End Lyrics By: Michael Brent Wilferd

Where have you been my long lost friend?
What did you search for and how did it end?
Come sit with me with your crooked smile
We shall drink tea and talk for awhile

I searched for a woman with love in her eyes
I searched for a mountain no man has climbed
I searched for a widow holding a rose
I searched for knowledge that nobody knows

Tell me my friend what did you find?
Answers to questions? Perhaps peace of mind?
Give me a clue what mysteries where held?
Did you find riches or something to sell?

I found a woman with scorn in her eyes
I found a mountain gutted by mines
I found a widow with blood on her hands
I found war in the holy lands
So I cried and I cried, yes I cried and I cried
I wanted to lie down and die
Yes I wanted to lie down and die

Your journey has ended your safe here with me
I'll give you comfort allow you to see
I'll stop your bleeding, wipe sweat from your face
I'll build a home and give you a place

But I have no answers, I'm not without sin
I started a journey now its journeys end
Why would you take me when it appears I have failed?
Why give me shelter when I ought to be jailed?

Because you cried and you cried,
yes you cried and you cried
Then you wanted to lie down and die
Yes you wanted to lie down and die.