Parametric Frank Kennedy

Hancock MA   United States of America
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Began working with reggae bands at 15 and developed a strong liking of big bottom and tight bass lines. Did live sound for many years for local bands up to large festivals and medium arenas. Many years studio experience from stacks of ADATs up to a gorgeous Studer A80. Was engineer on many indie album projects and producer/engineer for some of my favorites. Musical tastes include a wide range of genres - anything that is strong, tight and energetic, like reggae, nu-jazz, nu-metal, prog(anything), heavy rock... Especially attentive to pitch, timing and groove. I love making music that turns me on at high volume.

Vola la giovinezza

Trad Jazz
19 Files, 4yr+12mo ago
Parapagal Parapagal, Jbass89, TommyDrums + 3 more

Customer service

Adult Alternative
10 Files, 8yr+6mo ago
shadowbxre shadowbxre, Parametric, Bommie

Kaleidoscope 7/8 12/8

59 Files, 8yr+5mo ago
Jbass89 Jbass89, alizieri, Rombal + 5 more

Welcoming Nibiru

40 Files, 8yr+7mo ago
Iwanx Iwanx, FIGSOUNDS, tytlblues + 4 more

Double U Oh Em A N

Chicago Blues
31 Files, 8yr+7mo ago
ChuckMac ChuckMac, mauro, bjorn + 2 more

Genghis Khan (but his sister khan't)

12 Files, 8yr+6mo ago
Fretlessian1 Fretlessian1, wolfsinmons, Parametric

Peace and Love

Classic Rock
32 Files, 8yr+7mo ago
ChuckMac ChuckMac, RONGGOWISNU, JeffCollinsSLV + 2 more

Spiral Samba

32 Files, 8yr+3mo ago
iGSTUDiO iGSTUDiO, Rombal, AliceLeonz + 5 more

The Redneck Polka

Adult Alternative
14 Files, 8yr+6mo ago
Fretlessian1 Fretlessian1, DeadZephyr, Parametric

Taking Back The Life

39 Files, 8yr+7mo ago
Iwanx Iwanx, RONGGOWISNU, Mudflappus + 4 more


23 Files, 8yr+6mo ago
Fretlessian1 Fretlessian1, FIGSOUNDS, DeadZephyr + 3 more


Crossover Jazz
27 Files, 9yr+9mo ago
RGBass RGBass, FIGSOUNDS, alizieri + 4 more

Latin Jam

Bossa Nova
26 Files, 9yr+9mo ago
ReggieB Bouffy, markmiller, mikekonoval + 2 more

Chilled Miller Lite

17 Files, 9yr+9mo ago
markmiller markmiller, FIGSOUNDS, alizieri + 1 more

Tit For Tat

Contemporary Latin
28 Files, 9yr+10mo ago
LucidDreaming LucidDreaming, FIGSOUNDS, rauldv + 1 more

Back in eightyfour

American Trad Rock
30 Files, 9yr+10mo ago
Lahti Lahti, lingah, jammer110 + 1 more


25 Files, 6yr+9mo ago
RGBass RGBass, ReggieB, Parametric + 2 more


51 Files, 9yr+10mo ago
Iwanx Iwanx, FIGSOUNDS, nemonty + 3 more
Artwork Staff Pick

(If I Could Only) Keep Your Love

Contemporary Folk
27 Files, 9yr+10mo ago
UkuleleJim UkuleleJim, AndreySevalkin, FIGSOUNDS + 1 more

Desert Trip

Roots Reggae
8 Files, 9yr+9mo ago
AndreySevalkin AndreySevalkin, RLAllard, Parametric + 1 more

Ordinary People

22 Files, 9yr+10mo ago
DeMeriden DeMeriden, Embers, Parametric + 1 more

Is It In You?

American Trad Rock
42 Files, 9yr+11mo ago
Brannon Brannon, Parametric, Wire-and-Wood + 4 more


12 Files, 8yr+5mo ago
Iwanx Iwanx, FIGSOUNDS, JeWeL + 2 more

Angle of Incidence

17 Files, 9yr+11mo ago
RickConner RickConner, markmiller, RGBass + 2 more


25 Files, 9yr+11mo ago
markmiller markmiller, FIGSOUNDS, ReggieB + 4 more

Would You Stay? (If I Write You A Love Song)

Southern Rock
44 Files, 7yr+1mo ago
Hot-Blood-Ed Hot-Blood-Ed, markmiller, bjorn + 6 more


Crossover Jazz
16 Files, 9yr+11mo ago
markmiller markmiller, Sweepmaster, JackSpratt + 1 more

GarageSpin jam

Adult Alternative
1 File, 8yr+5mo ago
GarageSpin GarageSpin