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Burbank California   United States of America
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Grew up in Los Angeles. Have lived in Germany.

Regular flavored kettle cooked potato chips and music are my only addictions.

You Never Wanted

6 Files, 9 days ago
GeoffR GeoffR, IanStreet

With This Life

10 Files, 1mo+22dy ago
GeoffR GeoffR, bassman78fr, rcbell8

Circling Again

Adult Contemporary
6 Files, 2mo+11dy ago
GeoffR GeoffR, Teeger

Ruby Ribbons On

Modern Composition
3 Files, 2mo+18dy ago
GeoffR GeoffR, bassman78fr

Come Follow My Love

Adult Contemporary
6 Files, 2mo+21dy ago
GeoffR GeoffR, bassman78fr

Spy's World

3 Files, 3 months ago
GeoffR GeoffR, bassman78fr

Dark Brown Sugar

Vocal Pop
5 Files, 2mo+11dy ago
GeoffR GeoffR, bassman78fr, richardwilliamsmusic

She's Gonna Love Him

8 Files, 7mo+13dy ago
GeoffR GeoffR, JeanLui, Dan69

I Don't Mean

Traditional Country
11 Files, 8mo+9dy ago
GeoffR GeoffR, JeanLui, dwfreak

The Night I'm Home With You

Easy Listening
2 Files, 3yr+7mo ago
GeoffR GeoffR, Danilolavov

Underneath the Sky

Indie Rock
28 Files, 2yr+7mo ago
GeoffR GeoffR, dwfreak, felug + 1 more

Winter Nights

8 Files, 6yr+8mo ago
GeoffR GeoffR, NicolaOffidani, Gemini